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protested, We abandon it, and take refuge in God’, and

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"And will Petsy not annoy you if he sits quietly on my knee?" she asked.

protested, We abandon it, and take refuge in God’, and

"There, that is nice," she said. "I told them to see you had a good fire on this cold night. Has it been very cold in London?"

protested, We abandon it, and take refuge in God’, and

This question had already been asked and answered twice, now for the third time Michael admitted the severity of the weather.

protested, We abandon it, and take refuge in God’, and

"I hope you wrap up well," she said. "I should be sorry if you caught cold, and so, I am sure, your father would be. I wish you could make up your mind not to vex him any more, but go back into the Guards."

"I'm afraid that's impossible, mother," he said.

"Well, if it's impossible there is no use in saying anything more about it. But it vexed him very much. He is still vexed with you. I wish he was not vexed. It is a sad thing when father and son fall out. But you do wrap up, I hope, in the cold weather?"

Michael felt a sudden pang of anxiety and alarm. Each separate thing that his mother said was sensible enough, but in the sum they were nonsense.

"You have been in London since September," she went on. "That is a long time to be in London. Tell me about your life there. Do you work hard? Not too hard, I hope?"


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